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If only this fragrance could talk, what a story it could tell. Tenacity, courage, and not giving up are the lessons in this story.

The entrepreneurial spirit resides in each of us. Circumstances usually dictate when that spirit is allowed to emerge. Certain responsibilities can delay the emergence of the spirit. Certain actions and decisions allow the spirit to manifest in non-business activities. In rare cases, the spirit is so strong that nothing stands in its way.

Sarbez The Renaissance of a Fragrance is one of those cases.

Sarbez The Journey is a must read and a valuable tool for Learning Institutions, Corporations and Book Clubs to promote entrepreneurship and the enthusiasm that One Should Never Give Up.

Sarbez's Introductory Offer is a wonderful gift for those special occassions, special employees and special customers.

Please contact our corporate office in Sarasota, Florida at (812) 427-2100 and ask for our Corporate Sales Department. We will be happy to discuss a package for your organization.